"I believe in being involved thoroughly with my clients, society, politically,spiritually, in the local community and in the neighborhood in which I live." -Neoma Twining


I give credit to being a Television News Veteran, On-Air Anchor, Producer, Writer and radio talent for my passionate approach to life. Being a Texas A&M graduate may have something to do with it as well.

In some cases I serve as a leader/organizer. I have been presented with wonderful opportunities to be the Chaplain Volunteer at Children's Medical, a Sunday school teacher at Highland Park United Methodist Church and the Annual Fund Chair at St. John's Episcopal School of Dallas. I have also served in many leadership roles within my neighborhood community, political circles, and charitable groups.  

The people I have met and worked with have shaped me and provided insight into many different worlds. I have been able to walk in other people's shoes even when they were terribly uncomfortable.

Being in the public eye even for a short time, does not come naturally and most people are not as comfortable or accomplished as they would like to be.  It takes coaching, confidence and practice. That's what I do for you - make you as confident, comfortable and image ready as possible.

I have two daughters, Olivia and Sophia and my husband is Kevin.