Neoma Twining
Performance Coaching



"When I enter a client's space for the first time, I have no preconceived notion about what I think they should be. They enter my space raw and original. My chief goal is to form a relationship, and that relationship is based on their needs, not mine." -Neoma Twining


Whatever your business, whether you're arguing a case, negotiating a deal, or working a sale, your success ultimately depends on the power of your personal performance. Technological advances will always be temporary. Competitors will inevitably rise to challenge your market share, no matter how narrow your particular niche may be. The only point of difference, the only thing you'll always be able to claim as your own, will be your ability to communicate as a unique and powerful personality. Our mission is to provide you with the personalized coaching you need to unlock and access your true potential.

In all instances, Neoma's goal is to coach so powerfully that clients are challenged, regardless of their ability or experience, to breakthrough to a new kind of conversation with their audiences.  A quality conversation that persuades, influences and engages the audience.